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Turn back time with AL Caviar’s Science cream 50ml that will help you regain the glow of your early twenties with its innovative anti-ageing products rich in Caviar! Whether you want to get rid of wrinkles & fine lines, prevent sagging or enhance your skin’s elasticity, and firmness, this ultra-potent set by AL Caviar will give you the boost you’re looking for!

Unlike caviar skin care products offered by expensive brands, the Caviar Science cream offers you all the advantages of Caviar without burning a whole in your pocket! It even features a higher concentration of Caviar than other luxury brands to make sure your skin gets the proper treatment that it needs. Caviar, also known as the "root of life", is rich in omega 3, vitamins and amino acids that deeply nourish and revitalize the skin by improving the skin’s dermis elasticity. 

Al Caviar is rich in a high content of Beluga Caviar extract that provides intense firming, moisturizing, skin re-texturing, and brightening effect. The formula is also improved with a patented Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) ingredient that improves skin density, and helps it become more resilient. 


  • Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment Rich in Caviar

  • Caviar is Rich in Omega 3, Vitamins and Amino Acids that Deeply Nourish the Skin

  • Valuable Anti-Aging Ingredient

  • Caviar is Particularly Beneficial to Humans Due to its Identical Structure to Human Skin (Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis)

  • Made in Korea

Al Caviar Cream 

  • Final skin care routine to restore skin vitality
  • // Volume: 50ml + (travel size 10ml FREE)
  • // Caviar Extract Concentration: 2% 
  • // Caviar Amniotic Fluid: 3%

Specific Benefits of Each Ingredient

*Beluga Caviar (15,900 PPM Caviar Extract)*

  • 1. Anti-Aging - Caviar’s moisture qualities create a skin barrier, protecting it from the damaging effects of UV radiation, environmental pollutants, dehydration, and climate conditions. This helps slow down the aging process and eliminate skin damage.
  • 2. Skin Elasticity & Firming - Caviar is rich in amino acids and proteins to support the skin’s strength. It improves the skin’s dermis elasticity and helps prevent sagging.
  • 3. Skin Hydration - Caviar retains moisture up to 70% because of its similar structure to human amino acids. This keeps the skin moist and super hydrated when applied on the skin.
  • 4. Skin Whitening and Brightening - Caviar is also a popular ingredient in exfoliants. Thanks to vitamins A, D, B and amino acids, caviar extract improves skin tone, and brightens skin making it look vibrant and luminous. 
  • 5. Skin Density Improvement - Because Caviar is very similar to human skin, it boosts skin density and the production of high-quality collagen. It helps speed up the natural production of collagen, and in time, it helps plump up and thicken the skin, creating a younger, firmer appearance.
  • 6. Skin Regeneration - Caviar has high concentrations of Arginine, an amino acid that plays a pivotal role in cell division, wound healing and immune function. The vitamins and trace elements in Caviar's extract help revitalize the skin. Vitamin A renews skin cells, and vitamin D promotes cell function and healing.

*GFP - EGF (Patent 1016619120000) - Epidermal Growth Factors

  • Innovative patented ingredient - helps strengthen the skin layer to make the skin elastic, and more resilient 

*Coconut Palm Oil and Shea Butter

  • Deep nourishing and moisturizing effect on skin. It has anti-inflammatory healing properties that soothes the skin.

How to Use:

  • After using the serum, take an appropriate amount and spread it all over the face until it is fully absorbed.

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