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Losing the battle against skin aging? Meet your skin’s new secret weapon! Turn back the clock on your skin's signs of aging with Touch Beauty’s Multi-Therapy RF Beauty Device that gives you a youthful look by restoring your skin’s radiance and natural glow. Whether you’re struggling with sagging skin, running low on collagen or looking for ways to smooth forehead wrinkles and fine lines, this revolutionary beauty device from Touch Beauty is just what you need to achieve flawless healthy-looking skin!

Touch Beauty’s Multi-Therapy RF Beauty Device is 100% safe and easy to use. It also features a convenient dual charging feature that allows you to charge the device using a USB charging cable or a wall charging base.


  • 3-in-1 Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment Device
  • 1-  RF - Radio Frequency - helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help firm the skin
  • 2- Microcurrent - tones muscles & enhances facial contours to help improve skin condition
  • 3-  Red Light Therapy + Infrared - helps increase elasticity, reduce melanin, and improve skin discoloration 
  • Specially Designed Radio Frequency (RF) Poles
  • 1- Achieve optimal temperature and maximize the area of use for effective results
  • 2- Safe on skin (device stops emitting RF waves if the RF poles are on the same area for a long time)
  • Dual Charging 
  • USB charging cable or wall charging base
  • Six adjustable treatment intensities adapt to different levels of skin tolerance

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Touch Beauty
  • Model Number: TB-1712
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand Technology: UK
  • Size: 20 x 12 x 9 cm
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

How to Use:

  • Charging the Device 

※ This device provides two charging systems: USB charging cable or wall charging base.   

Charging the device takes approximately 3 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the device can be used consecutively for about 60 minutes.

  • Installing the Charging Base 

Option 1:

  • ※  Stick the adhesive strip to the back case, with the UP sign facing up, then fix it on the wall. 
  • ※  Afterwards, rotate the base body to the right and fix it firmly. 

Option 2:

  • ※  Place the back case with the UP sign facing up on the wall and fix it with nails.    
  • ※  Afterwards, rotate the base body to the right and fix it firmly. 
  • Using Steps:

Step 1: Divide the treatment area into five areas: forehead, left and right cheeks, chin, and neck. 

Step 2: Apply enough gel to cover the electrode poles surface. 

※ Step 3: Place the electrode poles' surface in contact with the skin. Slowly move it in a circular motion from the center of the face to distribute the gel evenly.  

※ Step 4: Turn on the device, select the mode and intensity level you want to use. Slowly move it in a circular motion to warm up the skin. 

Step 5: If the warm feeling is too low, reduce the range of the circle and speed movement; if the warm feeling is too high, increase the range of the circle and speed movement. Adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. Every 90 secs, the device emits a sound reminding you to change the treatment area. 

Step 6: When changing the treatment area, apply enough gel to cover the electrode poles’ surface and repeat the above steps.   

※ Step 7: For a lifting effect, move the treatment surface from the cheek towards the ear to lift; move upward from the eyebrows to the hairline to lift the forehead; move upward from the clavicula to the lower jaw area to lift the neck (please avoid the throat area).   

Step 8: This device has a protection system. Always move the treatment head over the skin during use. If you hold the treatment surface on a fixed area for a long time, the device stops emitting radio frequency waves to protect the skin. Start moving the treatment surface on the skin, the device automatically starts emitting radio frequency waves. Electrode poles must be in contact with the skin. 

Step 9: When using the light therapy mode, use protective goggles to protect the eyes.

※ Step 10After use, wipe off any remaining gel from the skin and follow your skincare routine.

  • Recommended Use Frequency

It is recommended to use the device for 6-8 weeks, 2-3 times a week. Use the device according to each mode for 4-8 minutes. Allow one day of rest between treatments. 

  • Button Instructions

1- Power Button: 

  • Press the power button, after a beeping sound, the device turns on and the RF mode automatically starts → press again, the device turns off with a sound.   

2- Mode Switch Button:

  • The device is in RF mode → press the mode switch button to add microcurrent mode → press again to add LED mode → cycle. 

3- Intensity Button +:

  • Press to increase the intensity. 

4- Intensity Button -:

  • Press to decrease the intensity.


  • ※ Use the device on clean skin. Be sure to remove makeup, grease, and impurities before use. 
  • ※ When you use the device, do not look directly at the LED light source as it may cause discomfort. 
  • ※ Remove all jewelry from your body, including earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.

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