Looking for a sensation of beauty and freshness in your skin?

Let’s face it, ladies! We all are doing our best and spending money to find the perfect solution that leaves our skin smooth without having any hair.

The most common techniques are either painful or unbelievably expensive and it can be both, but the hair will eventually grow back. Most of the time these techniques are not safe as well that it can cause severe consequences for your skin.

Is it possible to have no body hair?

Throughout your busy day, you have no energy to spend your time shaving or waxing your body especially if you have an urgent occasion. So, today we present to you CITRUSS exclusive product the rescuer Smoothskin’s Pure Intelligent IPL hair removal device.

Today CITRUSS offers you Smoothskin’s Pure Intelligent IPL hair removal device. It is a priceless and effortless chance to stop wasting your time and money on saloons and beauty centers.

This device is the new generation not only for getting rid of unwanted hair but also stopping hair growth. Sequentially, it prevents your hair to grow back thanks to the Intense Pulsed Light technology, this IPL technology can heat up the temperature of the hair follicle cells which in turn interrupts hair regrowth.

Smoothskin IPL provides you with more than one option to make sure that you have the easiest and most comforting hair removal experience. It has 3 treatment modes power, speed, and gentle which are designed to provide you the exact treatment.

The speed mode makes Smoothskin IPL your hero to finish up your body in only 10 minutes. All of that thanks to the amazing high power output of 20 watts of the hair stopping power.

Get your skin smooth and beautiful.

Today, the brand offers you a great hair removal device not only for small areas but also for the larger ones by using 2 different techniques either stamping for small areas like underarm or gliding for large areas like legs. All of that to attempt you the easiest and safe use.

A device for all your skin.

Smoothskin IPL is the ideal hair removal device for sensitive areas thanks to the gentle pulses and flashes which make it totally safe for all your skin, even the face. It is also the perfect solution for stubborn areas like the underarms.

It is a safe and efficient treatment. to remove unwanted hair because of the built-in UV filter that protects your skin from any harmful light.

What makes Smoothskin IPL different?

Smoothskin IPL is the most unique solution for your needs thanks to its priceless unlimited flashes,  it can record up to 130 shots a minute which results in an unlimited number of flashes and makes it hard for running out.

Also, the powerful tone sensor can personalize treatment for your own skin tone.

All of these features can not be found in any other hair removal devices.

Do not waste more time, only with CITRUSS order yours now at a very exclusive price…