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Indulge in the pure goodness of Karibee Jarrah Raw Honey, a premium honey brand straight from the pristine landscapes of Western Australia. Crafted by the esteemed Dr Peter Detchon, a pioneer in the beekeeping industry, this 100% natural honey is a delectable treat for your taste buds!


Experience the rich, dark texture and luscious caramel aftertaste that sets Karibee Jarrah Honey apart. But this honey is not just about its exquisite flavor; it's a powerhouse of health benefits too! Packed with natural antioxidants and antibacterial properties, Jarrah honey is renowned for its anti-aging effects and strong bactericidal capabilities. Jarrah Honey is also well-known for its medicinal properties. With high antimicrobial activity, it's an ideal choice for healing wounds and topical ulcers. Simply apply this golden elixir directly to your skin for accelerated healing.


But that's not all! Karibee Jarrah Raw Honey goes beyond healing properties. It also combats stomach bacteria that cause ulcers and bad breath. Rest assured, Karibee Jarrah Raw Honey meets the highest standards of quality with 0 insecticide, 0 pesticide residue, 0 added sugar, and nearly ZERO bacterial presence!


Order your own Karibee Jarrah Raw Honey now & indulge in heavenly sweetness while reaping incredible health benefits!



  • 100% Natural Honey
  • Made in Western Australia
  • Developed by Dr Peter Detchon, a leader that has shaped the beekeeping industry in Western Australia and the first beekeeper to advocate for a full-scale zero-pesticide, zero-antibiotic honey in Western Australia
  • Dark, Thick, Tasty Honey with a Caramel Aftertaste
  • Contains one of the Highest Levels of Natural Antioxidants and Antibacterial Ingredients in the World
  • Has Anti-Aging Effects and Strong Bactericidal Capabilities.
  • Popular For Its Medicinal Properties
  • High Antimicrobial Activity
  • Apply Jarrah Honey Directly onto a Wound Or Topical Ulcers to Aid its Healing
  • Helps Fight Stomach Bacteria That Cause Ulcers, Bad Breath, and Helicobacter Pylori
  • Gluten Free & Contains 0 Insecticide, 0 Pesticide Residue, 0 Sugar Added & Close to 0 Bacteria
  • Size for One Bottle: 250g


Certification: Halal Certification, Test Report


Validity: 5 Years



2 x Karibee Jarrah Raw Honey 250g TA 35+


1 x Karibee Jarrah Raw Honey 250g TA 35+

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