Espresso Coffee Machine (Powder & Pods) + Grinder

Espresso Coffee Machine (Powder & Pods) + Grinder

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Indulge in barista-quality beverages in the comfort of your own home with Ariete’s ergonomic and extremely functional 1301 Espresso Coffee Machine. This compact 2-in-1 powerhouse brings together the best of both worlds, allowing you to brew your favorite coffee using pods or ground coffee powder based on your own mood or personal preference. The innovative pod system is not only practical and quick to use, but it also leaves no residue and can be easily disposed of after use. For those who savor the rich aroma and taste of ground coffee, the 1301 coffee machine comes with an additional drawer specifically designed to accommodate ground coffee. This ensures that every individual's unique flavor preferences are catered to, leaving them completely satisfied with each cup.

And it doesn't stop at just coffee! Ariete’s versatile machine also allows you to prepare herbal teas using special single-portion paper pods. It's like having a barista in your kitchen! Experience true Italian craftsmanship with the high-quality, high-pressure pump that delivers up to 15 bars of pressure. This ensures that every sip releases the delicate aroma and rich flavors trapped within each coffee capsule, creating an unparalleled thick and velvety cream on top.

Cleaning up is a breeze too! The removable water tank with its generous capacity of 0.6L ensures you have enough water for multiple brewing sessions before refilling. And with the detachable drip tray, keeping your machine clean has never been easier!

Order yours today and awaken your senses to a whole new world of coffee enjoyment!



Ariete Espresso Coffee Machine (Powder & Pods)

  • 2-in-1 Multifunctional Coffee Machine
  • Small, Compact & Eye-Catching Design
  • Enables You to Prepare Coffee using Pods or Ground Coffee Powder

-    Pod Coffee Machine: Pods are practical, biodegradable, and quick to use. They leave no residue and are easily disposed of. The 1301 coffee machine is compatible with universal coffee pods, in many varieties, including decaffeinated coffee. With the pod coffee machine, you will enjoy every morning a full-bodied and enveloping espresso at home, with an irresistible fragrance, just like that of your favorite bar.

-    Ground Coffee Powder: For those who do not want to give up the taste of ground coffee, the additional drawer supplied with the 1301 coffee machine is designed for ground coffee to satisfy everyone's tastes.

  • High-Quality Italian High-Pressure Pump

Provides a pressure of up to 15 bar, releasing the delicate smell and high-quality aroma of each coffee capsule, creating an unparalleled thick and delicate cream

  • Large Capacity

The removable water tank with large capacity can hold 0.6L of water.

  • Easy-to- Clean Detachable Drip Tray
  • Enables You to Prepare Herbal Teas Directly in the Coffee Machine


Ariete Grinder

  • Capable of Grinding Up Spices and Coffee in Just 15 Seconds For 4 Cups
  • Auto-Shut Off Function
  • Ergonomic & Spill-Resistant


Technical Specifications:

Ariete Espresso Coffee Machine (Powder & Pods)

  • Model: M130100ARAS 
  • Type: Espresso Coffee machine 
  • Power: 1100 W
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 28 x 21 x 15 cm   
  • Weight: 3.78 kg 
  • Auto-Off: Yes 
  • Electronic Temperature Control: Yes   
  • Water Tank Capacity: 600cc 
  • Button for Short & Long Coffee: Yes   
  • Powder and Pod Tray: Yes
  • Volt:  220-240V, 50/60Hz 

Ariete Grinder

  • Model: 3016   
  • Type: Coffee Grinder
  • Power:150 W 
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 20 x 11 x 11 cm   
  • Weight: 0.69 kg 
  • Cable length: 7m
  • Capable of Grinding: 35 g / 4 Cup in 15 Seconds  
  • Blades: Robust Steel   
  • Volt: 220-240V, 50/60Hz 



1 x Ariete Espresso Coffee Machine (Powder & Pods)

1 x Ariete Grinder

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