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YAWN Airbed King size with Zero Gravity Reclining Chair Set & FREE Magic Pillow

YAWN Airbed King size with Zero Gravity Reclining Chair Set & FREE Magic Pillow

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Volumetric Weight 50.27 Kg.

Create a comfortable sleeping space for your guests with Yawn Air’s Inflatable King Size Airbed that provides your overnighters with a cozy and memorable night's sleep. Whether you’re hosting guests during the holidays, throwing a sleepover at your place or just looking for a spare bed that is easy to install whenever needed, Yawn Air’s Inflatable King Size Airbed is just the perfect portable bedding solution that adapts to your needs! 

The Inflatable King Size Airbed combines the convenience of an air mattress with the luxurious feel and comfort of a real bed for a perfect night’s sleep. The bed is perfectly versatile and convenient to use anywhere around the house, all thanks to its powerful built-in pump, and a superfast 2-in-1 built-in motor that inflates and deflates the bed in just 5 minutes! Yawn Air’s King Size Airbed provides superior comfort and stability and features a flocked top to hold your bed sheets in place throughout the night. The Airbed is engineered with an incredible Comfort Support Technology and features a built-in headboard for a real bed feel. The headboard also helps stop pillows from falling off your airbed in the night. 

Yawn Air’s King Size Airbed is perfectly cozy and safe to use. The raised rim ensures a comfortable and safe night’s sleep as you won’t roll out if you move too close to the edge of the bed during your sleep. It also comes in the height of a standard bed so that anyone, including seniors and children, can get in and out of the bed with ease. 

The King Size Airbed by Yawn Air is only available in the Gulf region & comes at an irresistible price that is exclusive to CITRUSS!

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  • Luxury Portable Bedding Solution
  • Combines the Convenience of an Air Mattress with the Luxurious Feel and Comfort of a Real Bed for a Perfect Night’s Sleep
  • Incredible Comfort Support Technology
  • Powerful Built-In Pump
  • Guarantees no damage to your sheets!
  • Patented Hooks and Tightener Rope
  • Superfast – Features a 2-In-1 Built-In Motor That Inflates and Deflates the Bed in Just 5 Minutes
  • Convenient - Folds Away Into a Carry Bag for Easy Storage and Transportation. BONUS Carry Bag is Included
  • Versatile - Perfect for Holiday Guests, Sleepovers and Spare Beds
  • Luxurious – Flocked Top Holds Your Bed Sheets in Place throughout the Night
  • Premium Finish - Built-In Headboard for a Real Bed Feel. Also Stops Pillows from Falling Off Your Airbed in the Night
  • Superior Comfort and Stability – 40 Independent Comfort Support Structures Cradle and Support Your Body throughout the Night. These Pillars Are Independently Structured So When One Person Rolls Over in the Night, It Won't Disturb the Other's Sleep
  • Comfortable and Safe - The Raised Rim Ensures a Comfortable and Safe Night’s Sleep as You Won’t Roll Out If You Move too Close to the Edge of the Bed in Your Sleep 
  • Full Height of a Standard Bed - Anyone, Including Seniors and Children Can Get in and out of the Bed with Ease. The Raised 45cm Height is Double the Height of a Standard Air Bed, Too

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Details (Unpackaged):
  • King - 216 x 152 x 45 cm
  • Maximum Weight: 250kg (King) – At Capacity

How to Use the Product:

  • 1- Remove the item from the portable bag and spread it out in an open space.
  • 2- Plug in the switch and wait for it to inflate (Inflates in under 5 minutes).
  • 3- Keep Inflating until the air bed reaches your desired firmness.


  • 1 x Yawn Air Airbed - King Size
  • 1 x BONUS Carry Bag
  • 2 x Repair Patches
  • Zero Gravity Reclining Chair -Set of 2
  • FREE 7 second Magic Pillow - Purple


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